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Livestock Auctions

Every Friday 10:30am

Livestock Auctions

Every Friday 10:30am

A Little About Us

Basin Livestock Market - Founded in 1982

     Basin Livestock Market, located in the Uintah Basin, has a rich history rooted in the world of livestock auctions. Founded in 1982 by Curtis Dastrup, this marketplace has been an integral part of the agricultural community for several decades. Acquired by Don and Deb Richards in the year 2000, Basin Livestock Market has become the go-to hub for all cattle-trading needs.

     Over the years, we’ve made significant improvements to our facilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient auction experience. Our corrals are designed to prioritize the safety and comfort of your livestock. We’ve also integrated modern technology and streamlined systems to make the process smoother for both buyers and sellers.

Basin Livestock Market Corrals

     Trust is the cornerstone of our business at Basin Livestock Market. We have nurtured strong relationships with our valued customers, fostering an environment of transparency, integrity, and exceptional customer service. We understand the significance of fair pricing and honest deals, and we are committed to upholding our reputation as a trusted name in the industry.

     At Basin Livestock Market, you can experience the thrill of livestock auctions and connect with fellow farmers and ranchers. Our market is not just a place to buy and sell cattle; it’s a community that celebrates the values and traditions that make farming and ranching so special.